Give your audiobooks the last chance to find and fix errors and give your audience the best listening experience.

Hi, I'm Aubrie, an audiobook proofer and  self-proclaimed book nerd.

Audiobook proofing is essential when you want to give the author you’re working for and the end-listener the best experience possible. My goal is to help you succeed with a flawless production, for ultimate success of your audiobooks.

What proofing can do for your audiobooks...

To keep you at ease, and allow you to alleviate all the stress and worry that your audiobook won’t stack up to other audiobooks you’ve enjoyed and narrators you respect.

By getting your audiobook proofed with me, you are able to get detailed insight on errors created, rather than feeling frustrated and embarrassed in the ears of authors, publishers, and audiobook-lovers. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Give you an error-free end product, you can be proud of

  • Eliminate the risk of a rights-holder or an author finding errors in your work

  • Do away with you trying to proof the audiobook yourself and leave it to a seasoned professional

  • Save time and focus only on your job of story-telling

What I’m going to help you with…

Proofing your audiobooks will save you time, energy and effort when you are ready to submit your finalized audiobook files to the author or publisher. Proofing is your last chance to make changes and perfect your recording.

Identifying problem areas in your audiobook, is to find issues like proper emphasis and pacing, consistent accents and character voices and additionally…

Are you ready to start the proofing process?

I dedicate my time to making sure you get the most out of the audiobooks you produce. I absolutely love what I do and would love to start communicating with you about your project.

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