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Do any of these points resonate with you?

  • You can’t pinpoint the harsh frequencies of your voice?

  • You struggle to balance the low-end and high-end without removing too much?

  • Your voice still always sounds muffled or thin after you apply EQ?

  • You just don’t even know where to start?


Voice-Over EQ Formula

A 30-minute training course showcasing all of my tips and techniques I have adopted in over a decade of audiobook production.

Voice-Over EQ Formula will help you:

Figure Out Your Voice’s Frequency Range

You will no longer have to guess what areas to listen for.

Speed Up Your Workflow

Build an EQ preset that you’ll be able to apply to every audiobook you record.

Build Confidence and Eliminate Frustration

Go into every audiobook mastering session knowing you’re putting out your best work.

Deliver Like A Pro, Because You ARE A Pro

Give rights-holders, authors, and book listeners the high quality audiobook experience they deserve while stepping up your production game.

The best part? It’s completely risk free...

This course covers my entire process of EQ because not only do I want you to master the art of EQ in your narration but I want to guarantee that you don’t struggle ever again.

And to make it a no-brainer deal, get a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee with your purchase of the Voice-Over EQ Formula.

My commitment to you: Go through the workshop, follow the steps, put in the work, and if you don’t love it in the first 30 days of your purchase, send me an email and I’ll refund you immediately. No hard feelings and no questions asked.

What people are saying…

Are you ready to master the art of EQ for your audiobooks?

Let me show you how to get there!

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