Accelerate your workflow and gain clarity in post-production of audiobooks

For Voice-Over and Audiobook Professionals

This exclusive coaching is dedicated to one-on-one service at the highest level in order to gain new skills in your narration or voice-over career that will help you grow faster and speed up your workflow.

What the VO Mastering Accelerator can do for your audiobook narration...

To get to new levels of growth you need new ideas. But not just ideas from anyone out there - ideas from other successful audiobook professionals, in this case, an audio engineer who knows what they are talking about.

By committing to the VO Mastering Accelerator, you are able to get focused information right when you need it, rather than feeling alone and frustrated. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Gain more clarity on setting up your studio space, mastering techniques, and workflow

  • Understand EQ, compression, expander/gating and, more in audiobook mastering

  • Have a safe space to ask the hard questions or celebrate the big wins. No question is a dumb question

  • Know exactly what to edit and when to use the tools you already have in your audio software

  • Build your confidence as a full-fledged, self-producing narrator

Sometimes you just need extra help...

Are you frustrated setting up your home studio? Are you hitting a ceiling when it comes to editing? Are you confused with the mastering process? Do you just want to get the ball rolling, so you can focus on narrating more and struggle less?

I completely get it. In the first year of audio production, I was taking way too long to edit and mix/master anything. When I got into audiobooks, it was the same. Though I knew how to adjust the right EQ and compression settings, I found myself obsessing over the little things that I wasn’t sure mastering would take care of. Little things like breaths or loud mouth clicks.

By 2013, I was in my second year within the audiobook industry and a handful of titles I worked on, through my employer, got nominated for the Audie Awards. While I can’t take full credit, because of course, they were intriguing, well-written titles with amazing narration; I knew I found the key to producing phenomenal sounding audiobooks that stack up with the best out there.

I discovered that the intense growth in my audiobook productions let me do away with endlessly searching online for random tips and tricks. I had my colleagues to help me through certain areas of improvement, combined with my years of practiced knowledge. Sometimes it is best to be the fly-on-the-wall and get powerful, direct tips that are specific to your situation. Audiobook production is not a one-size-fits-all kind of situation.

Knowledge is power…

“Learn from someone who guides another to greater success..”

 -Warren Brand (Author of The Art of Quality Decision-Making)

Hey, I'm Ryan, an audiobook mastering coach and digital entrepreneur.

The VO Mastering Accelerator is simply the most influential and best experience that I offer in my business. My goal is to dedicate time, effort and energy into the success of any narrator that needs it, when you need it.

ac·cel·er·a·tor (noun):


  1. a person or thing that causes something to happen or develop more quickly.

Accelerated Learning…

The VO Mastering Accelerator is my coaching priority based on your needs and when you need it. Its aim is to help you experience accelerated learning, action, and outcome in your narration career; behind the curtain, what audiobook listeners don’t know about, but they hear in the end result.

Here is what you get as a 1:1 client…

The best part it’s completely risk free...

I always put my all into every narrator I work with because I want to see them succeed because I want them to have the confidence they deserve in their skills.

That’s why I want to offer a “first training guarantee”

If you don’t love the first coaching call, I’d rather you have your money back and invest it somewhere you can get the help you need. No hard feelings and no questions asked.

The VO Mastering Accelerator is the most powerful tool and can transform your knowledge-base and help you take instant action. I put a lot of time, energy and commitment into every narrator I work with so I created a variety of packages for you to choose, so you can make sure you take value in that commitment as well.

I look forward to the possible connection and coaching relationship with you.

Stay well,

Ryan Mey

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